The Enhanced Pleasures

Looking for a BIGGER show?

This is quite simple! The Guilty Pleasures and The Alternative Pleasures bands can be UPGRADED with the addition of extra musicians!

Build your own band or ask for recommendations!

The Horny Upgrade (Horn Section)

Add a single horn player or a standard 'section' of two or three horns. Visually impressive and packs a punch. Horns are a very popular upgrade to any act!

Horn players usually include:

  • Saxes (Alto / Tenor / Baritone / Soprano)
  • Trumpets
  • Trombones

The Harmony Upgrade (Vocal Section)

Vocals, vocals and more vocals ...

  • Add an individual extra singer or a backing vocals 'section' of two or three extra vocalists.
  • Female or Male vocalists
The Enhanced Pleasures - Female Vocalist

The Rythmic Upgrade (Rhythm Section)

  • Add a percussionist to kick up the dance tracks a notch.
  • Scratch DJ! (Needs no further explanation)