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That BRITpop band!

Formed in the infancy of the UK’s first lockdown in 2020 by a pack of hungry musicians with no venues to play at; That Britpop Band is a no-holds-barred tribute to what is arguably the greatest and last major British movement in music: 90s Britpop.

From the genre’s obvious big-hitters such as Oasis, Blur, Pulp, and The Verve; to the often-unsung heroes like Supergrass, Shed Seven, and The Seahorses; the band leave no Britpop-shaped stone unturned in their tribute show. Why hire a tribute band for just one act when you can hire a genre tribute who cover the lot?!?!

The band itself is comprised of four musicians whose combined gigging history would put the most seasoned of players to shame! Having played all over the world from New Zealand to Old Camden Town with the likes of Bill Wyman, Bad Manners, Babyshambles, The View, Ben Waters, John Power and the mighty Chas & Dave (to name but a few), it’s fairly safe to say that these boys know their way around the stage!

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