Interested in learning the piano?

Interested in learning the piano?

Learning a musical instrument has been proven to improve general academic achievement; focus, concentration and problem solving.

I can help you on the road to musical excellence!

  • Emphasis on enjoyment - Play whatever you want!
  • Beginners to advanced students
  • All styles of music
  • Grades if desired
  • Ear training
  • Theory
  • Jazz and improvisation
  • Professional teacher with PGCE & Enhanced DBS check
  • FREE 30 minute needs analysis lesson


Cocktail Pianist with Grand Piano - ambience anywhere!.
A pianist for any occasion. Dinners, drinks, canap├ęs. Great entertainment for receptions or the sophisticated party.


I am based in Poole / Bournemouth (BH12 - Talbot Village) and teach from my home or yours.


Rates in accordance with the MU standard teaching rates of pay


What does learning music actually mean to you?

Classical? Jazz? Pop? Rock? Funk? Synths? Grades? Recording? Theory? Playing by ear? Reading sheet music?

In discussion with you I tailor a course of lessons according to the specific needs and preferences of each student, as everyone is different. We will cover everything from basic hand positioning to advanced theory.

Technique and theory can be applied within any style of music on the piano, therefore effective improvement can be achieved whilst playing the music you actually like!

Emphasis is always placed heavily on enjoyment and you will see results!

Advanced Jazz Course

Suitable for musicians of other instruments, as well as Jazz Pianists. The lesson format will involve detailed analysis of Jazz Standards, harmony, rhythm and melodic development. The focus would be on building a Jazz repertoire and the ability to learn and remember tunes.

Talking points would include:

  • Chord choices and extensions
  • Cycle of 4ths / 5ths
  • Chord progressions and patterns such as II V I.
  • Tritone Substitution
  • Voice Leading and parallel harmonic movement.
  • Rhythmic Comping
  • Melodic structure and techniques in improvising melody.
  • Major and minor modal theory and applying scales to improvisation.