Guilty Events | Joe Glynn | Sax Player

Joe | Ibiza Sax & DJ

The powerful blend of his natural talent and infectious showmanship makes Joe an exceptionally engaging performer. Joe is rapidly building a name for himself in the music industry, being demanded by brands and clubs from across the UK all the way to the French Alps where he has played at the world-renowned venues La Folie Douce and Dick's Tea Bar in Val D'isére, as well as performing private shows for the famous british comedian Jack Whitehall. His life-long passion for and experience in all things music is undeniable from the way he lights up a dancefloor and ensures he will hit the right note at your event.

Joe is experienced in a wide range of styles and can play along to all kinds of music (jazz, funk, house, soul, electro) from modern to classics so your event can be entirely tailored to your taste. The recommended package for weddings includes an intimate solo saxophone set during the drinks reception where Joe plays popular covers to acoustic backing tracks for a romantic and chilled atmosphere, followed by a more energetic set in the evening improvising alongside your DJ to ensure everyone has an unforgettable night.