GE Strings

GE Strings

String ensemble performances; solo, duo, quartet or larger string sections, this all female collective offer an extremely wide repertoire of music arranged for strings, adaptable to many styles and performance types. They are extremely experienced within events, including Jewish and Asian traditional ceremonies.

In addition, as an alternative to traditional acoustic instruments, is the performance option to bring electric instruments, which can then even be enhanced with stunning colour-changing LED lighting if desired; great to gel the colours of your event, or brand if applicable.

They can adapt their dress and image as necessary, to radically alter the performance style, so all in all - highly versatile, tell us what you need!

"They were wonderful. I am the mother of the groom so sat close to them. The music was exquisite, beautiful in the church, then they moved into the garden room whilst the photos were taken to entertain the guests whilst having drinks and canapeĢs. Their repertoire was amazing, classic and modern. I loved them!"
"We would like to thank the girls for starting our Wedding Day so magically. The music was beautiful and beyond what we had hoped for. So many of our guests commented on how talented, professional and beautiful the girls were. Thank you so much. We would highly recommend your services."

A traditional classical string ensemble performance adds a very particular cultural ambience to any environment. Reminiscent of the airs and graces of aristocracy and royalty; courtly dances, waltzes, mazurkas, odes and adagios performed on acoustic instruments are an extremely popular choice for wedding ceremonies and similar 'ballroom' events.

What they play ...