A little sample ...

A little sample ...

Below are links to a few of our recommended options for event day. This is by no means (and not intended to be) an exhaustive list, rather a guide to the types of acts we work with.

All of our professional colleagues are flexible enough to tailor their set-lists to your tastes, add or remove musicians to tweak their lineup and make adjustments to their performance styles to suit your needs and wishes!

If we aren't already collaborating with an artist who is great at what you are looking for, we should be! So we'll work very hard to source someone suitable and then vet them for you against our high professional standards.

For the evening:

The Guilty Pleasures | premium party band
The party band that started it all! Top quality musicianship, high-energy mashups, audience participation, carefullycurated set lists, dance-offs, sing-offs and sound effects ... in short anexcellent and memorable party! The Guilty Pleasures have a full diary made up almost entirely of word of m…
The Motown Pleasures | soulful, cool vibes
″An eclectic musical treat of Soul, R&B, Pop, Reggae and Jazz!”
The Mighty Pleasures | guitar led covers
The Mighty Pleasures are guaranteed to deliver an exciting high energy performance and proven guitar led mix of rock, pop, blues, funk and soul tunes.

For the afternoon:

richie | soulful blues-rock guitar vocal
What to expect ...Richie’s unique vibe is relaxed and soulful and his solo performance worksexceptionally well as background entertainment for cocktails & canapés, gardenparties, late night chill out rooms or to accompany a dinner. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more up-tempo, high-energ…
louise | stylish, sexy and soulful vocals
Stylish, sexy and sophisticated covers, Louise is something of a celebrity!
lee | wedding pianist brings grand piano
The perfect accompaniment to dinner or drinks; weddings, corporate events, restaurants, hotels, garden parties, cocktails and canapés etc.
jazz quartet | wedding reception option
A jazz quartet is a very popular option for Ambient Entertainment. We recommend jazz to provide a cool and relaxed atmosphere at wedding receptions, garden parties and corporate engagements.

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